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Capteur PH Sonde + Interface Module SEN0161

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Sonde pH économique avec interface compatible Arduino, Raspberry ou ESP idéale pour une utilisation générale et permettant de mesurer un pH entre 0 et 14 à une température comprise entre 0 et +60 °C. Cette sonde délivre une tension analogique en fonction du PH.

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Tutorial: (Capteur pH Arduino) Analog Probe pH Sensor / Meter Kit For Arduino

Need to measure water quality and other parameters but haven’t got any low-cost pH meter? Find it difficult to use with Arduino? MEGMa Maroc analog pH meter, specially designed for Arduino, ESP32, NodeMcu, Raspberry pi controllers and has a convenient and practical connector and a bunch of features. Instant connection to your probe your Arduino to get pH measurements at ± 0.1pH (25 ℃). For most hobbyists, this great accuracy range and its low cost make this a great tool for biorobotics and other projects! It has an LED that works as the Power Indicator, a BNC connector, and a PH2.0 sensor interface. To use it, just connect the pH sensor with the BND connector, and plug the PH2.0 interface into the analog input port of any Arduino(Uno, Nano, Mega, etc.) Controller. If pre-programmed, you will get the pH value easily. Comes in a compact plastic box with foams for better mobile storage.

Build your own PH meter gadget or a water monitoring station for your water tanks. This and our other water sensor devices could make for the ultimate water control device. Use it for your aquaponics or fish tanks or other materials that need measurements.

What is pH?

“pH stands for the power of hydrogen, which is a measurement of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body. The total pH scale ranges from 1 to 14, with 7 considered to be neutral. A pH less than 7 is said to be acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic or alkaline.”

Arduino et mesure de pH avec sonde MEGMa Maroc SEN0161 (pH-mètre). Plus d’informations visite page Facebook.

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PH SENSOR by Ika Ozera

Note: Buffer solutions are not included.
After you received your package! You may found some white particles on the protection foam which is the KCl crystallization from the cap. Please don’t worry about the crystallization in the packing box, that’s normal. Actually, since the transportation restriction on liquid, we have poured out the KCL3N solution in the cap, the slight crystallization in the packing box should be leaked since the remnant. Anyway, once you received the probe, you should store it in KCL3N solution, you can not leave it in dry circumstances.


  • Water quality testing
  • Aquaculture

SPECIFICATION : Gravity: Analog pH Sensor / Meter Kit For Arduino TECH SPECS

  • Module Power: 5.00V
  • Module Size : 43 x 32mm(1.69×1.26″)
  • Measuring Range :0 – 14PH
  • Measuring Temperature: 0 – 60 ℃
  • Accuracy : ± 0.1pH (25 ℃)
  • Response Time: ≤ 1min
  • pH Sensor with BNC Connector
  • pH2.0 Interface (3-foot patch )
  • Gain Adjustment Potentiometer
  • Power Indicator LED


  • MEGMa: (Capteur pH Arduino) Analog pH Sensor / Meter Kit For Arduino x1
  • pH probe (BNC connector)  x1
  • pH sensor circuit board       x1
  • Analog cable                      x1



  • l’utilisation de cette sonde doit se faire dans un liquide au repos et électriquement neutre.
  • cette sonde ne peut pas rester immergée dans la solution à mesurer (voir fiche technique).

Plus d’informations visite page Facebook.


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